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    2015-2016 (Rainbow Wing)



    MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar wore a festive look as the staff and the students dressed in traditional outfits celebrated Teej.

    Rainbow wing was traditionally decked up with a village scene show casing the culture and charm of the festival. Children swing on elegantly decorated swings called ‘peeng’ and decorated their hands with Mehndi designs.

    Principal Mrs. Brinder Badwal appreciated the efforts for organizing these great Teej celebrations. Primary Incharge Mrs. Sushma Prehar also graced the occasion M.G.N.P.S Director Miss Satwant Gakhal applauded the efforts of the children and the staff and said that traditional celebrations are the essence of our life. Students were adored with titles of Teej Prince and Teej Princess from nursery, L.K.G. & U.K.G. classes.  Rainbow Incharge Miss Deepti Kaushal spoke about the socio-economic importance of Teej and stressed on the need to remain in touch with the culture of Punjab and Preserve it.


    MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar organised a HINDI POETICAL RECITATION COMPETITION for Upper Kindergarten children in which around 60 students participated. The student   expressed their views in rhythmical and creative form. Many innovative ideas were expressed by the tiny tots like Save Water, Nature, My Dreams, If I become a cloud, Clean India, Mother, Importance of time, Try-Try Again, ‘Mission- Clean Ganga’.
    Mrs Brinder Badwal (Principal) congratulated the students and appreciated their outstanding performances and confidence. Mrs Sushma Prehar (Incharge Primary Wing) also graced the occasion. Miss Deepti Kaushal Incharge MGN Rainbow applauded the little children for their hard work and creative minds and awarded them with prizes and certificates. The following students got first prize from different sections – Sejal Sharma,  Harmehar Singh , Taranvir, Rishika Sharma and Arshnoor Kaur. The competition showcased immense speaking skills of the little children.


    MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar conducted Hindi Poetical Recitation competition for lower Kindergarten children in which around 65 students participated in it. It was a platform which gave the young minds the opportunity to get creative and build self confidence. It included thoughtful themes about ‘Nature’, ‘Save Girl Child’ ‘A step towards clean India’, Environment, Time, ‘Bride and the Dowry’, Mother and so on, incorporating delicious word play. Mrs Brinder Badwal (Principal) applauded the children for their outstanding performances and creativity. Mrs. Sushma Parehar (Incharge Primary Wing) also graced the occasion. Miss Deepti Kaushal (Incharge M.G.N Rainbow) congratulated the students and awarded them with prizes and certificates. The following students were awarded first prizes from different sections Mannat Sopra, Anhad Singh, Sirjana Sahi, Sunveer Singh and Navya.


    MGN Public School Adarsh Nagar Rainbow Wing celebrated Green Day with the Nursery children in a unique way. The aim of the day was to bring the children close to the nature and how nature plays an important role in our life. All the children, accompanied by the teachers and MGN Rainbow Incharge Miss Deepti Kaushal went to the Adarsh Nagar Park on a Mission ‘Nature Hunt ‘ wherein the students were instructed to collect stones, leaves,flowers, twigs. The children also enjoyed birds fluttering around, the chirping of the birds. Principal Mrs. Brinder Badwal applauded the efforts made by the Rainbow in which the children were educated about the Nature in a playway method.


    A six day Summer Camp was organised by M.G.N. Rainbow wing from June 1 to June 6, 2015. A host of activities were conducted during the week. The tiny tots prepared various craft items on Camp-Craft days, which included- Blow Painting, thermocol Piggy –banks, book-marks etc.A unique Sports Buffet was served to the young Montgomerians which included athletic events like races, hoop-la and ball games.
     Special arrangements were made for Kinder Kitchen wherein the children learnt the art of non-fire cooking. To beat the heat of Summers, the children enjoyed Rain-dance. A trip to Wonderland was organised where children had a gala time at the swings/rides and danced to the tunes of DJ. The six day long Fun-Fiesta concluded with a special Monster Theme Party where children got surprise gifts. Mrs. Barinder Badwal , Principal and Ms. Deepti Kaushal, In-charge KG Wing, distributed participation certificates to the students


    MGN RAINBOW Adarsh Nagar organized ‘Baby Show’ for the nursery kindergarten children. The motive of the show is to connect to the outside world and develop a relationship with the parents and their babies. The theme of the show was ‘Mom & Me’. The function started with the school shabad. The highlight of the day was the mothers’ perfoming along with their children. They showcased their most endearing talent by singing songs, dancing and expressing their feelings through poems. There was also a ‘ masala mix Quiz’ for the audience, in which they participated with great enthusiasm. The winners were awarded with the gifts and prizes. Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia child counselor (MGN Adarsh Nagar and Mrs. Updesh from MGN Urban Estate) were the judges of the show. There were various categories of awards given  Robust Prince – Medhansh, Blooming Princess- Tanishka Dhall, First Runner Up (Boy) Fatehbir Singh , First Runner Up (Girl) Avmanpreet Kaur.
    Mrs. Brinder Badwal Principal MGN Adarsh Nagar, Mrs Sushma Prehar Primary Incharge and Miss Deepti Kaushal Incharge MGN Rainbow graced the occasion.
    The show received an overwhelming response. Mrs Sangeeta Bhatia spoke on the importance of parenting and nurturing children in a right manner.


    -MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar celebrated Mother’s Day with lot of enthusiasm. Mother’s Day is the commemoration and celebration of mom everywhere. The function started with the school shabad ‘De shiva var mohe hai’. After which the little KG ites mesmerised the audience with their songs and dances. The highlight of the day was the mother’s of lower kindergarten children dressed up in their western outfit as per the theme given to them. The efforts of matching their get ups with the theme and the pleasure of participation was affectionately abundant. The mother’s participated in the modeling competition which reflected beauty with brains. There were lots of entertaining games ‘Tongue Twister’’Taste and Tell’ and so on…. which occupied the gathering as the moms harried to hat the right choice. Several moms shared their thoughts of bonding, their smiles only stretchd as their sentiment surfed. The chief guest of the day Mrs. Brinder Badwal (Principal M.G.N. Public School Adarsh Nagar) Mrs. Sushma Parihar Incharge of MGN Primary Wing, Miss Deepti Kaushal Incharge of M.G.N Rainbow, also graced the occasion. The winners of the various categories of prizes wrere awarded by the chief guest. Thanked the audience and mothers for their heart touching performances, and said that the mother is the embodiment of love, there is no-one like mother.  Beside the euphoria of celebration the day was meant to make the mothers feel special.

    Parent’s Orientation Programme

    A Parent’s Orientation Programme was organized for the NURSERY PARENTS. MGN Rainbow Incharge MISS DEEPTI KAUSHAL welcomed all the parents. There was a power point presentation by MRS MANMEET KAUR , Counselor of the School.  On the Psychology of the Pre-Schoolers which was followed by the discussion. Participation of the Parents in the discussion showed their enthusiasm to learn and know. Number of misconceptions regarding the teaching learning process of the Kinder Garten children were cleared up. MS SONIA GILL the nursery Co-ordinator concluded the programme by giving basic instructions regarding day to day working of the Nursery wing.

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