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    2015-2016 (Sec. & Sr. Sec. Wing)


    MGN Public School Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar organized a special assembly to celebrate the International School Award (2015-2018) the school received ISA by British Council for the second time in row. Co-ordinator of ISA project Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia thanked the management, Principal, staff & students for their endless support for carrying out international projects approved by British Coucil. During this journey the school has successfully made international partners with 3 schools of U K and one school of USA. Principal, Mrs. Brinder Badwal congratulated one & all for contributing in a great achievement. She shared the certificate & momento received by the school with all present. Indeed a joyous day for the institution and one small step to reach greater heights.


    MGN Celebrated World Environment Day

    June 5 is celebrated across the globe as  World Environment Day. S Jarnail Singh
    Pasricha ji , Secretary MGN Educational Trust celebrated this day by planting saplings 
    for greener earth. He motivated every student and staff member to increase the green 
    cover by planting atleast one plant and rearing it to survival. He said that living in harmony
    with nature is the only way to save Mother Earth.
    He blessed everyone with a greener future.


    Mr. Joe Singh, CEO, PCC Technology group, USA visited M.G.N. Public School, Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar on 4th Aug 2015. He visited the School labs and libraries. Mr. Joe was highly impressed to see the usage of smart board in all the classes and the modules being used for effective learning. Complementing the Management, Principal, Staff and students he said that M.G.N. stands above any institute in its vision, commitment & integrity. He announced scholarships for needy & meritorious students.  He also announces that their IT Experts will be visiting MGN School, every year to guide and update regarding the latest technologies. He was presented a momento by Sr. Jarnail Singh Pasricha Ji, Secy M.G. N. Educational Trust, Mr. Ramneek Singh ji, Manager MGN School, Director Ms. Satwant Gakhal & Principal Mrs. Brinder Badwal 

    Student Brings Laurels, 4th  June 2015-

    In a magnificent achievements , Nitika Gupta of MGN Public School, Adarsh Nagar,Jalandhar secured 187/200 marks with 20th Rank in CMC Ludhiana Medical Entrance Exam.
    Management, Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal, Staff and students congratulated her on achieving success and wished her good luck for future


    Investiture Ceremony for the session 2015-2016 was held at MGN Public School, Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar City. These office bearers shoulder all school responsibilities in team work spirit and try to put their best for bringing laurels to the institution Padamshree Pargat Singh Ji, MLA Jalandhar Cantt graced the occasion as chief guest and to do the honour of Investiture Ceremony and decorating school leaders students Prefectorial Team with badges and dignified sashes.
    For a success of any institute, it is team spirit what is the most demanding from each individual.
    Inspiring words of the chief guest, his experiences, guiding principles- Honesty, Modesty, Sincerity, Truthfulness etc which are required by an individual for his successful life can take each one of us to the heights and fulfill our dreams. ‘Leave away discrimination if nation is to prosper’; are the words what should be sown in every individual’s thoughts.
    Prefects of various houses were also honoured with badges by Hony. Secretary S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha, Manager MGN Public Schools S. Ramneek Singh, Director MGN Public School Ms. Satwant Gakhal, Primary Wing Incharge Mrs Suchma Prehar and K.G Wing Incharge Miss Deepti Kaushal. Oath was sworn to the office bearers by Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal.  
    On this occasion chief guest was given floral welcome by Hony. Secretary S. Jarnail Singh Pasricha; Manager MGN Public School Mr. Ramneek Singh; Director MGN Schools Ms. Satwant Gakhal ; Principal MGN Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar City Mrs Brinder Badwal; Principal MGN B.Ed. College – Mr. Amit Kauts; Principal MGN Public School , Urban State Phase II Mr. Jatinder Singh also spared their time for gracing the occasion proud parents of the office bearers were among the guest for the day’s occasion.
    Other members to make the occasion a success were Primary Wing Incharge Mrs Sushma Prehar; KG Wing Incharge Ms Deepti Kaushal , House Masters and Vice House Masters; Activity Incharges Mrs Harpreet Kaur, Mrs Seema Ahuja Co-Ordinator Sr. Sec.
    Wing Mr. Amritpal Singh; Co-Ordinator Sec. wing Mr. Lakhwinder Singh; Mrs Arvinder Kaur and comparers Mrs Sangeeta Bhatia and Mrs Ritu Gagneja along with other staff members and school students.
    The varied posts holds responsibilities which students are to perform for the complete year to have successful and smooth functioning of the school.
    The Office Bearers for the session are as follows:-

    Head Boy-Ekamjot Singh Deol
    Head Girl-Tarranum Madaan

    Sahibzada Ajit Singh House
    Captain-Harmanjot Kaur
    Vice- Captain-Ansh Handa
    Sahibzada Zorawar Singh House
    Captain-Anuj Madan
    Vice-Captain-Kunwer Bhavya
    Sahibzada Jujhar Singh House
    Captain-Ekjot Kaur
    Vice- Captain-Sakshi
    Sahibzada Fateh Singh House
    Captain-Sumiti Vij

    To support, there is prefectorial team from all the four houses for maintaining decorum of school and take school to the heights.


    Inter House Dance Competition was conducted in the Lush Green Grounds of the school to find the talent among students. Students were beautifully dressed into colorful attire ad their creativity in presenting combination of varied folk dances with fusion of modern concept and music was marvelous. ‘Gonthal’ from Marathi; garba from gujrati ; modern Orlando and certain guest items including Punjabi folk dance.
    It was really difficult to do the judgement as each team was well prepared and exhibited their flawless performance.Two teams Sahibzada Fateh Singh and Sahibzada Jujhar Singh had neck to neck competition, they jointly bagged first position.
    Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal appreciated students talent and their presentation of varied dances into colorful manner winners were given over prizes by Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal and to appreciate each team performance, other teams were also given away prizes by Mrs Sushma Prehar, Incharge Primary Wing, Mrs Deepti Kaushal Incharge K.G. Wing Jugdes were Mrs  Alka Ahuja and Mrs Neeru.
    Staff and students really enjoyed and appreciated colorful attire and dance of students.

    Ist Position-Sahibzada Fateh Singh House, Sahibzada Jujhar Singh House (Jointly Bagged Ist Position)
    2nd Position-Sahibzada Zorawar Singh House 
    3rd Position-Sahibzada Ajit Singh House


    A paper reading competition was held at MGN Public School, Adarsh Nagar on 6th May 2015 by T.P. Group of MGN College of Education, Jalandhar. Students read the paper on the topic ‘Road Safety a mission not intermission’. Students were also sensitized on the need to follow traffic rules and save every precious life. Also they highlighted the need of conserving petrol by sharing their conveyances. Following students bagged the prize:
    1st position-Kashish
    2nd position-Aarushi
    3rd position-Pragya


    M.G.N. Educational Trust congratulated Mrs. Barinder Badwal, principal MGN Public School Adarsh Nagar, for completing one year as Principal. Sr. Jarnail Singh Pasricha, Secretary MGN Educational Trust presented a bouquet to her and blessed her with more successful times ahead. Ms. Satwant Gakhal, Director, MGN Institution and S. Ramneek Singh also congratulated Mrs. Barinder Badawal for successfully completing her one year as a principal of this prestigious institution. All staff members and students also joined hands in celebration


    Workshops were organised in M.G.N.  Public School, Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar from 16th April to 23rd April 2015 for the parents whose children are studying in classes IX-XII. School Counsellor, Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia interacted with parents to make them aware about the core challenges faced by this age group. She stressed  that Adolescence being the major transformimg stage for children and a huge human resource, the need of the hour is for the parents & teachers  to hour is for the parents & teachers to understand them better. Besides many useful tips on parenting, the stress was on to decrease the communication gap which has been caused due to electronic gadgets misuse. A strong  advocate for ‘Awareness’  she stressed that only by being  alert and aware can we save the future of this generation .Principal Mrs. Barinder Badwal presided over  all the workshops and stressed on being connected to the school by the parents.


    It gives immense pleasure to announce that MGN Public School Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar won an International School Aawrd accredited by British Council for 2015-2018. The School had already been awarded by this award in session  2012-2015. The ISA Assessment ranked School with 100% Marks for well documenting all portfolios and perfect implementation of the action plan. The assessors at British Council complemented the School for portraying all activities effectively, specially focusing on International Collaboration Activities.
    The School Management and Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal congratulated the ISA Co-ordinator Mrs Sangeeta Bhatia and Committee members Mrs Ritu Gagneja and Mrs Devinder Multani

    ACHIEVED GOOD RANKS IN AIEEE  28th April 2015-



    MGN Public School Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar City gave a platform to maximum number of students to show the Creativity Talent in varied fields i.e,
    Clay Moulding for classes V-VII
    Notice Board Decoration for classes VIII-XII
    Flower Arrangement for classes XII-XII
    Students exhibited their ideas and views on varied Media’s.
    Principal Mrs. Brinder Badwal congratulated students for their participation and gave away the prizes to the prize winners. She encouraged students to come forward and participate more and more in such activities results of different fields are as follows:-
    Results of Clay Moulding are:-
    Best 15 students from different classes are:-
    Class V-Aryan ; Jyashta; Arshmeet;
    Class VII-Udhayvir ; Jasleen ; Sahibpreet
    Class VII-Chanpreet; Shrishti; Rakshit; Amitjot;Harkirat; Rupneek; Rohan; Arshbir;Vir Garg
    Results of Flower Arrangement are:-
    1st Position-Sahibzada Fateh Singh House
    2nd Position-Sahibzada Jujhar Singh House
    3rd Position-Sahibzada Zorawar Singh House
    4th Position-Sahibzada Ajit Singh House
    Results of Notice Board Decoration are:-
    1st Position-Sahibzada Fateh Singh House
    2nd Position-Sahibzada Zorawar Singh House
    3rd Position-Sahibzada Jujhar Singh House
    4th Position-Sahibzada Ajit Singh House


    Ten students of MGN Public School,ADARSH NAGAR,JALANDHAR participated in 1st Open Jalandhar Cup Taekwando Championship 2015 held at PAP Indoor Stadium on 26th April 2015. Ritam Bhardwaj won gold medal in the competition. Pahuljot and Amrita Singh won silver medal. Pushpinder Singh, Sukhnandan Kaur and Rudraansh won Bronze medal. Principal Mrs Barinder Badwal congratulated all the proud winners and motivated them to keep up the high spirits.




    Baisakhi Festival was celebrated in grounds of M.G.N. Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar city. The colourful Harvest Festival made everyone swing into the festive mmod. There was a colourful Cultural Programme organized into which students from different wings gave their performance. Jasmine from X-D presented her views expressing importance of the day. Tiny tods from Primary wing presented dance on ‘NACHO-NACHO-NACHO……’ , Loveleen from IX A gave a beautiful poem followed by PUNJABI SONGS and dance performance by students from Sr. & Sr. Secondary wing. Bhangra performance was given by boys of Senior Sec. Wing on dhol beats. Children looked really beautiful dressed into colourful attire. Shubhangi & Jasmine of class X beautifully anchored the cultural programme.
    There was TURBAN TYING COMPEITION also for boys from class V to XII. They were congratulated and appreciated for beautifully tying colorful turbans.
    V-B:Sunbeer Singh
    VI-C:Anshdeep Singh
    VII-E:Bhavjit Singh
    VIII-A:Sukhamndeep Singh
    IX–A:Khushbir Singh
    IX-C:Mohitpreet Singh
    X-B:Samarjit Singh
    XI-B:Gurpreet Singh
    XI-B:Arminder Singh
    XII-G:Charanpreet Singh

    Mrs Brinder Badwal, Princpal congratulated the students and wished for happy and prosperous festive celebration. She told importance of the day and setting up of the Khalsa Panth. She was accompanied by Mrs Sushma Prehar-Incharge Primary and Ms Deepti Incharge Primary Wing.
    Students were encouraged and congratulated by Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal and they were given away the Prizes. Judges for Turban Tying competition were Kanwardeep Singh and Mr. Amritpal Singh.


    Quality concerns in school education are among the priorities of CBSE as they play a pivotal role in the development of a country. Keeping up with this vision MGN Public School Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar organised a Capacity Building Workshop for teachers. The resource person Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia, school Counsellor, took an interactive session with staff members where they were guided and motivated to develop core thinking, emotional and social skills. She insisted that only when the teacher is well equipped with life skills,  she  can transfer the life skills to students who are better prepared to face challenges of life. The teachers were guided to enhance the higher order thinking skills (HOTS) of students by using various classroom techniques. Principal, Mrs. Brinder Badwal presided over the workshop and expressed the need to be self disciplined to inculcate the same in students and life skills play a great role in doing so.

    START OF NEW SESSION 2015-2016

    There was an Orientation Programme  for the new students to be familiarize with the School Campus. Class XI was addressed by Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal. She advised students to be serious at their studies and maintain discipline in their life what can being success to them. Students were taken to School Gurudwara sahib to take the blessings of the Almighty. Karah Prashad was distributed among all. Students of Class IV from Primary wing promoted to class V  were introduced and explained about different depts.  of Sr. Wing.

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