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    RAINBOW WING 2017-2018

    Dated: 23-03-2018
    M.G.N Rainbow Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar witnessed their Annual Graduation Ceremony, in which those children were awarded who scored ‘Outstanding’ grades throughout the year. The ceremony began with School Shabad later followed by ‘Prize distribution”. Many other prizes like ‘Gem of the Year’, ‘Pearl of the Year’, ‘Immaculate Icons’ and best ‘Calligraphers’ were also given to the students. These prizes were given to the selected students of all the classes like Nursery, L.K.G & U.K.G. The outstanding students were wearing graduation caps & gowns and were presenting a beautiful scene.
    Tapping Feet’ competition
    MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar witnessed their ‘Tapping Feet’ competition. The participants taking part in this dance competition were of Nursery class. What an everlasting impact these tiny tots left on the viewers!!! There were around 10-12 participants from each class. The children had selected various songs comprising of all eras like Aawaara Hoon, Maiyya yashoda, Dil hai chota sa, Bam Bam Bholey, Morni Baghaan Maa Boley, Jutti Patialey Di and Sufi Songs like Mai peer Manaavan chali Aaan. They were all wearing beautiful, colourful attires suiting their song choice and they were all decked up with Make – up and sparkling Jewellery and other accessories, which added more beauty and charm to their performances. The confidence   and presentations of the kids were unmatchable. The dance moves were too perfect of their age and were outstanding. It was a feast to the eyes to watch them dance with this perfection and grace. Principal Mrs. Gunmeet Kaur, Vice-Principal Mr. K.S. Randhawa, Primary Incharge Mrs. Sushma Prehar and Rainbow Incharge Miss Deepti Kaushal were all amazed to see such sizzling performances. In the end the winners were given awards and encouraged to do even better in the future.
    Republic Day
    M.G.N.  Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar celebrated Republic Day with a lot of  high spirit. The day began with a morning assembly in which children of UKG & LKG sang Patriotic songs, invoking love for the country in the hearts of all teachers & students. Some of the songs were ‘Ai watan Ai watan ’, ‘Vandey Maatram ’, and ‘Saare Jahaan se Achha ’. Thereafter the students presented a dance on the song ‘Suno Gaur se duniya walo’. The children really enjoyed dancing & watching as well. Later they were explained the value & meaning of Republic Day and then the assembly ended with Recitation of National Anthem. Then after lunch the students of UKG went out in the open ground along with their drawing sheets and colours and drew scenes related to Republic Day. Their creativity and variation of idea was a real treat to the eyes. Principal Mrs Gunmeet Kaur , Vice Principal  Mr K S Randhawa, Primary I/c Mrs Sushma Prehar and Rainbow I/c Ms Deepti Kaushal appreciated their artistic instincts and admired them while watching them enjoy under the sun.
    Basant Panchmi
    M.G.N.  Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar celebrated ‘Basant Panchmi’ with a huge amount of Zeal & enthusiasm. The students were dressed up in yellow & orange coloured attires. All were highly spirited just like the festival. Nursery students were taken out in the ground and a ‘Drawing Competition’ was held for them, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Thereafter they shared their Tiffins with each other which had a special menu in connection with the festival. They had a gala time outside. L.K.G. students had a kite making competition in which the children made colourful kites which was so very symbolic of the festival. U.K.G. students were shown slides on the Smartclass related to Basant and the children also prayed to Goddess Saraswati for providing them enlightenment and making them capable of shedding ignorance & lethargy.  The entire Rainbow wing looked like a flood of Sunflowers running around here & there. The whole scene was like a ‘treat to the eyes’ of Principal Mrs Gunmeet Kaur, Vice Principal Mr K.S. Randhawa, Primary Incharge Mrs Sushma Prehar and Rainbow Incharge Ms Deepti Kaushal. The children went home with tonnes of Happiness in their hearts. 
    ‘Costume Fiesta’ Competition 
    MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar organized their ‘Costume Fiesta’ Competition for Classes UKG & LKG. The children were given a choice to select their own topics. The parents prepared their children in various get ups carrying social messages based on current events likeSmog, Swachh Bharat, ’Beti Bachao’, Grievances of a Farmer, Whatsapp ka Keera, Mother tongue, Jhansi Ki Rani,  Modern Ravan, Kam Vali Bai, Mobile Phone,Pollution,Fast Food, Genetically modified child and Shravan kumar etc. The participants were appropriately dressed up. To convey a message rightly without speaking a word is a tough job, still the participants put up a praiseworthy show with the help of paraphernalia used by them. Their performance forced the judges to take out more winners.
    Principal MGN Mr Gunmeet Kaur, Vice Principal Mr K S Randhawa,Primary Incharge Mrs Sushma Prehar were all praises for the children. In the end the winners were honoured by mementos. Rainbow Incharge Ms Deepti Kaushal encouraged all the participants and wished them Luck for the future.  
    English Poetical competition 
    English Poetical competition was held in MGN Public School Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar L.K.G. & UKG. Classes took part in this competition. It was amazing to see children of four to five years performing so well on the stage. The children recited wonderful poems, all carrying one message or the other like, open a book, Lets have Dinner Together, The voice, Pure water, A wintry Night, Why God Made Teachers, Colours of Nature, Thank you Mother and walk with Daddy. The confidence and the fluency of language that the children exhibited put the judges in a fix. It was tough for them to come to a decision in finding out the winners. Principal Mrs Gunmeet Kaur, Vice Principal Mr K.S. Randhawa , Primary I/c Mrs Sushma Prehar and MGN Rainbow  I/c Mrs Deepti Kaushal encouraged all the participants & wished them Good luck for the future. 
    ‘Costume Fiesta’

    Mgn Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar Organised their ‘Costume Fiesta’ Competition for Nursery students. Huge participation of children could be seen. Students were dressed up in various get ups, all carrying social and meaningful messages like polluted Ganga, Effect of whatsapp on children, Birds suffering due to Mobile towers, reconginising  bad touch and polythene vs eco friendly bags. It was difficult for the judges to select only a few as winners as all the children performed very well. Principal Mrs Gunmeet Kaur, Vice-Principal Mr K.S Randhawa,Primary Wing Incharge Mrs Sushma Prehar Incharge Rainbow Wing Miss Deepti Kaushal applanded the awareness that the children spread through their acts and congratulated the winners and all the other participants.

    Master Chef

    MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar organised their ‘Master Chef’ Activity. An active participation was observed amongst the students of LKG and UKG. The children made healthy and nourishing dishes and beverages like ‘Bean Delights’ ‘fruit Chaat’, ‘Sweet lime water’ , ‘Masala Chaach’, ‘Rose Milk’, Strawberry & Vanilla shake. The students had brought the ingredients from home and they made their drinks in school under the guidance of their teachers. The basic idea of this activity was to make the children to be self sufficient and responsible and to say ‘No’ to soft drinks & Junk foods, and adopt a healthy eating regime. 

    Principal MGNPS- Mrs Gunmeet Kaur, Vice Principal, Mr K S Randhawa, Primary wing I/c Mrs Sushma Prehar and Rainbow Wing I/c Ms. Deepti Kaushal were surprised to see the preparations of the students and their presentations as well. The children went home with a promise to make the dishes for their parents and serve them, and also to start avoiding Junk food.
    Baby’s Got Talent

     MGN Rainbow School Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar organised ‘Baby’s Got Talent’, a talent hunt amongst the children of Nursery. The function began with a prayer and then the children, bubbling with energy and enthusiasm, set the stage on fire, by showing their talents in different categories like music, dance, poem recitation and public speaking. Principal MGN Mrs Gunmeet Kaur, along with Vice-Principal Mr KS Randhawa, and Primary I/c Mrs Sushma Prehar, presided over the function and had a gala time watching the little heroes perform. The Judges for the event Mrs Alka, Mrs Neeru and Mrs Upma appreciated the little stars by saying that it was a tough job to judge them as all the participants were equally confident and smart. A dance item by LKG students added all the more glory to the function. In the end Rainbow I/c Ms Deepti Kaushal encouraged all the participants and motivated them by wishing to do even better in the future.

    The winners were awarded with different titles like Picture Perfect, Dazzling stars and many Consolation Prizes. The function ended with the pearls of wisdom by Revered Principal

    There is always that one summer that changes you.


    M.G.N  Rainbow Adarsh Nagar concluded the summer club 2017 with great fanfare under the able guidance of the Principal Mrs. Gunmeet Kaur. Vice Principal Mr.K.S Randhawa and Rainbow Incharge Ms. Deepti Kaushal. The tiny tots took back special memories of the camp complied in their first literacy experience of being the author of their own book titled ‘My Creations’. Each day of the camp was full of fun, frolic & learning by doing experiences. One of the day was all for ‘Beat the Heat’ in the pool & playing of traditional games of ‘Hop.scotch’ & enjoying piping hot snacks. On the concluding day the children learnt about the advent of the human race, the dinosaurs, the invention of fire & wheel. A theme party was organized for which the children dressed up as early man, dinosaurs & aliens. They loved being photographed in their get-up. As a parting gift all the participants were felicitated with certificates & goody bags by the Principal. She also lauded the efforts of the children and the staff. The tiny-tots carried home sweet memories of the Summer Club 2017.      


    “Summer Club 2017”


    Camps are a great opportunity to explore new things and dive deep into areas you love.

    This June, MGN Rainbow, Adarsh Nagar, has organised “Summer Club 2017” from 5th June 2017 onwards. Not just ‘Aerobics’ for fitness but also various art & craft activities like marble – painting , envelope making, etc. are being done. Stories are being narrated to inculcate moral values and budding singers are preparing a group song as well.
    Excursions are the most intense mode of learning and adds more fun with friends. Our tiny tots were shown a movie at PVR Curo. The movie centres around the adventures of Hanuman as a kid with animation and How he learnt to face his fear and became fearless “Hanuman Da Damdaar”. They thoroughly enjoyed the movie at PVR- Curo, with soft drinks and pop-corns


    'Nature Walk’ -Summer Club- 2017- MGN Rainbow

    The best time to plant a tree was 20 Years ago. The next best time is today. And that is exactly what the tiny-tots of MGN Rainbow ,Adarsh Nagar, did in the ‘’Summer Club 2017’’. They went for a ‘Nature Walk’ Where Mother Earth was explored using magnifying glasses. Kids were fascinated watching ant-hills and observed squirrels running around here and there. Birds moving in and out of the birdhouse was another attraction. Textured sheets were prepared using dried leaves collected by them. The campers, re-used discarded plastic bottles and CDs to make pots and ‘each one-planted one’. So Montgomerians have Gone Green - have you?

    ‘Life doesn’t come with a manual………… It comes with a mom.’

    M.G.N Public School Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar marked its Mother’s Day celebrations with a remarkable Zeal and enthusiasm. Principal M.G.N Mrs Gunmeet Kaur presided over the function. The mothers of the students were invited to view & participate in the function. The theme of function was ‘1970 Era’. The function started with a parody of famous Bollywood songs of 1970 s sung by U.K.G students, followed by a poem recited by a student of U.K.G ,L.K.G students presented a foot tapping dancing number which was again a mixture of old songs. The main attraction of the day was the modeling done by the mothers, who were all decked up in Dresses, Hair do & Make-up like that of Actress of Hindi cinema of 1970 s. Interesting games like ‘Ballon Busting’ and ‘Fastest Fingers First’ addaed to the Charm of the day. Principal Mrs Gunmeet Kaur applanded the entire function and the hard work of the students. She said that a mother will remain a mother in different forms like a teacher or a mother in law. She said a mother should be firm on the children along with being loving.
    The winner mothers were conferred with the titles like Mumtaz,Sadhna,Saira Bano,Asha Parekh and Zeenat Amman.

    In the end Mrs.Deepti Kaushal,Incharge Rainbow Wing thanked Mrs.Gunmeet Kaur-PRINCIPAL, Vice- Principal Mr. K.S Randhawa and all the Mothers.

    Plant a tree, grow a flower………(Rainbow Wing)

    Lets give Mother Earth back her power


    21st April , 2017 Jalandhar. 

    M.G.N Public School Rainbow, Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar City celebrated    Earth Day’  with great enthusiasm under the able guidance of Principal Mrs.Gunmeet Kaur. The children were explained about the cycle of Reduce-> Recycle-> Reuse. The teachers guided them to  convey the awareness to their parents and friends as well. They were guided to take small little steps on their levels like switching off the lights and fans while leaving the room, to avoid wastage of water and to plant more trees with the help of their parents. On this occasion the children  made various motivational Slogans regarding the same. The highlight of the day was a cute letter written by the children to their parents conveying the message and requesting them to do away with aluminium foils and use cloth napkins instead and replacing their plastic bottles with steel flasks.

    Vice Principal Mr. K.S Randhawa appreciated the children’s efforts. Rainbow Incharge Ms.Deepti Kaushal encouraged the children and motivated them to keep up the good work by saying.

    ‘One can make a difference……….

    Together we can change the World’.

     ‘Orientation Programme’

    To mark the gesture of welcome and to facilitate the new Nursery Students and their parents in the New environment, M.G.N Rainbow held on ‘Orientation Programme’. All the Parents of Nursery classes were invited for the same. Principal M.G.N Mrs Gunmeet Kaur welcomed the Parents, giving them valuable tips for adding more quality in the upbring of the kids. She added that the parents should not expect results from the children which are for beyond their age and caliber. Further she said that the parents should broden their horizons and should not feel stressed just making their children complete with other children, as all kids are special and talented in one or the other way. The whole function was peppered by loudy stories narrated by Rainbow Incharge Miss Deepti Kaushal, guiding the parents towards the importance of child’s emotional, physical & Social development .She said that a child’s all round personality carries more value than only the academics. School concillor Mrs.Sangeeta Bhatia answewed the querries of parents in a very positive manner which actually helped them. In the end she said that the teachers undoubtedly play a vital role in the grooming of kids, but the parents role cannot be overlooked as well.

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