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    PRE-PRIMARY 2019-2020

    50th Anniversary of Stepping on Moon
    Taking learning to a different level Pre- Primary wing celebrated 50th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong stepping on moon. Children showed curiosity regarding astronauts, their clothing and life on a spaceship while teachers shared interesting facts about space and moon with them. 
     ‘Mom is a title just above Queen’. Mother’s Day was celebrated with a lot of love and affection in the Kindergarten of M.G.N. Public School Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar. There was a special assembly in the morning, during which the school choir sung melodious and touching songs for mothers, appraising and applauding their never- ending efforts for their children. Later in the classes the children made greetings cards and small tokens of love for their mothers, which was a surprise gesture for the mothers. The class teachers briefed the children about the importance of this day and the way their mothers keep working day and night relentlessly for them. The children got emotional and went back with a promise of obeying, helping and respecting their moms. Principal Mr. K.S. Randhawa, Vice – Principal Mr. Gurjeet Singh, Primary Incharge Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia appreciated the efforts of the children put in for their mothers. Pre-Primary Incharge Mrs. Sukham explained to the students lovingly by saying that they should consider each day as mother’s day as a Mother’s sacrifices can never be ignored or put on a back seat.
    At M.G.N. Kindergarten everyday is an Earth day. April 22nd was a special day for the tiny tots to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Students talked about the climate change, deforestation, scarcity of water and extinction of species. They realised that in nature, nothing exists alone. Students came out with ways to save water, plant more trees and protect endangered species like bees, giraffes and insects. A beautiful set up conveyed the message effectively. Students prepared boards showing a Happy Earth and a Polluted Earth. They promised to reduce, reuse and recycle things. The Kindergarten area was declared as NO POLY BAGS ZONE.
     ‘Manners are the building blocks of the civil society.
    To inculcate basic table manners a demonstration regarding this was conducted for tiny tots of L.K.G. on May 30, 2019.
    Nursery Tiny Tots of MGN Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar rocked at the Annual Baby Show. 'All' the kids made the best of their debut presentation. Seeing their enthusiasm and confidence no one could believe that it was their maiden venture. All the five sections danced on different numbers. Dress code of the function was the colour of their respective sections. Chief Guest of the day, Mrs. Sukham, Pre Primary Incharge, applauded the students and teachers adding that they should continue with such programs having 100% participation, in future.
    M.G.N. Pre-Primary organises all events and celebrations to inculcate in students the appreciation and respect for India’s rich heritage and diversity.
    A special assembly was organized to mark the foundation day of Khalsa Panth and to celebrate Baisakhi. Students sang songs with cries of ‘Jatta aayi Baisakhi’ reverberating in the skies. Each child participated in the bhangra performance with great enthusiasm. A self explanatory scene was created showing the sowing of wheat, ripe fields, harvesting and things we can prepare from wheat. Scare crows and wells added more meaning to it. Tiny –tots showed curiosity and had a joyful day with ladoos and fun activities organized for them.




    Parents of Nursery tiny tots were invited to attend an Orientation session for an overview of the MGN Kindergarten programme. The Nursery Teachers and Coordinator were introduced by the Principal Mr. K.S. Randhawa. All the aspects; academic, social and emotional were discussed. The team headed by the K.G. Incharge. Ms. Sukham answered the queries of the Parents regarding the soft transition of their ward to the school environment. The session was conducted by the Headmistress, Ms. Sangeeta Bhatia who has years of counselling experience.




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