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    RAINBOW WING (2016-2017)

    2017-2018 (Rainbow)

    PRE-PRIMARY 2019-2020


    Every child is a bundle of hidden talent-

    We in M.G.N. Rainbow recognize this & aim to mentally stimulate & develop the cognitive skills of the tiny-tots here.

    M.G.N. Rainbow is located in a separate block equipped with modern amenities, large airy, spick & span rooms with colourful furniture. This provides absolute physical & emotional security to students as the teachers sit on low chairs with them & share the joy of learning Educomp Smart classes have been introduced to provide hands on exploratory learning with fun filled experience in each section of the class.

    To nurture the various talents we have well equipped art-craft room, music room & dance room. It’s fun to be in the activity room of the Rainbow. The focus here is making each child understand the basic concepts through play based activities. Children love to play with puzzles, soft toys, blocks here. It also has a library where children learn to handle the books & enjoy reading them with their teachers.






    Open play areas with greenery all around provides a natural environment which facilitates the learning process. One often finds children observing busy ants, squirrels running up & down the trees.


    Children wait for the summers to beat the heat in the splash pool with balls. Concepts of floating & sinking are best understood here.


    Summer Camps are organized where the children shed their shyness & learn to co-operate with friends. Their communication & dance skills are nourished during these camps apart from art / craft activities.


    All major festivals are celebrated in M.G.N. Rainbow in order to keep the little ones attached to their roots.


    Occasional outdoor activities are organized to amusement parks, important public & near by historical places to quench the thirst for adventure in children.


    There is no rigid time-table or developmental check list. Every care is taken to keep alive the students natural instincts & give boost to their spirit.


     Rainbow Wing ACTIVITIES (2016-2017)

    Graduation Ceremony

    Press note(23-3-17)

    M.G.N Rainbow Adarsh Nagar (Jalandhar) organized a memorable moment for the guests, Kindergarten students & families when they celebrated achievement of the students in the Graduation Ceremony.   The function commenced with the theme of Aliens & Space Ships in M.G.N – followed by a floral welcome and School Shabad. Academic Achievers along with Pearl of the year, Gem of the year, Immaculate Icons, best musicians & dancers were awarded with memetoes and degrees. The students were beaming with smilies in their graduation gowns & caps. The day of recognition had come for them after they had successfully defeated countless. Challenges, twists and turns. The function moved on with Ganesh Vandana & Lakhnavi Dance. The Chief guest of the day Mrs. Brinder Badwal(Principal) was full of appreciation for the hard work patience and love for the tiny-tots & the teachers. Who believed that the minds of the children were not built to sit & be taught . They were built to explore play and learn. She was accompanied by Mr. K. S. Randhawa (Vice Principal) Mrs Sushma Prehar (In charge Primary) & Ms .Deepti Kaushal (In Charge Rainbow) who congratulated the students and their parents. She extended her warm wishes for their brighter future. The ceremony concluded with M.G.N Rainbow Orchestra The Pepper borns.

    Miss/ Master M.G.N show


    M.G.N Rainbow – The Kindergarten of M.G.N Public School Adarsh nagar Jalandhar held Miss/ Master M.G.N show.The theme of the show was the British Era of 1800 to 1900. The function commenced with an English song followed by girls and boys walking on the ramp decked up in British era dresses striking poses showing their confidence and elegance. The girls wearing beautiful gowns, hats, collars, ruffs with stylish hair styles looked gorgeous and stole the show. The boys in trousers, overcoats, doublets, breeches and hats were no less and gave a tough time to the judges for the show Mrs. Anju Sharma and Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia. The highlight of the show was the questionnaire round which projected a child’s beauty and brains. The Chief Guest of the day S. H.S.Walia (member school management) was accompanied by guest of Honour S.Ramnik Singh Kalra (manager school managing committee) and Mr.H.S. Gill were wonderstruck with the talent and performance of the tiny tots. The function concluded with the mesmerizing ball-room dance. Miss M.G.N. Sirjana Shahi and Master M.G.N. Rajveer Singh were crowned and honoured by the chief guest and dignitaries. Mrs. Brinder Badwal ( principal), Mr. K.S.Randhawa( vice principal), Mrs. Sushma Prehar( Incharge primary) and Miss Deepti Kaushal( Incharge rainbow) graced the show and honoured the first and second runner ups alond with other titles which were bestow upon the students on the basis of their smile, confidence and intelligence. Ms Deepti Kaushal gave the vote of thanks. Guests and Parents were impressed by the function which was a great success.

    Tapping Feet Competition

    M.G.N Rainbow Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar organized Tapping Feet Competition  for the nursery tiny-tots. Around 70 students participated in it & showed enthusiasm. They were exposed to a unique experience on stage which showed .

    Their confidence & love for dancing when they tapped their feet to the various tunes. The dances were mesmerizing & the tiny –tots stole the audience’s heart. Mrs Brinder Badwal (Principal), Mr. K.S.Randhawa(Vice Principal), Mrs. Sushma Prehar(Primary Wing Incharge) were highly impressed by the performances & were full of praise for the students .The little angles were happy to receive the prizes & the gifts. Mrs. Deepti Kaushal(Rainbow Wing Incharge) thanked the dignitaries, parents & the staff. Students and parents were overwhelmed by the show.

    Hindi Story Telling Competition

    Hindi Story Telling Competition.’ for the Nursery Classes. The tiny tots narrated various stories like Fox and The Goat, Lion and the mouse, Tortoise and Hare, Monkey and the Crocodile, Ugly Tree, Clever Monkey, Foolish goats etc. They exhibited their speaking skills and creativity. The Children were very expressive. Mrs. Brinder Badwal(Principal),Mr.K.S. Randhawa (Vice Principal) appreciated the efforts of the Children. Miss. Deepti Kaushal (Incharge M.G.N Rainbow) gave away the prizes to the winners.

    Basant Panchmi

    M.G.N Public School,Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar City If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Students of M.G.N Rainbow Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar celebrated Basant Panchmi with great enthusiasm. Students dressed in Yellow with smiling faces added to the occasion. Importance of Sawarsati Puja – the Goddess of wisdom ,knowledge ,music, art and culture was explained through PPT. Arrival of spring and festival of kites was discussed with the children. The tiny-tots shared the delicious,special dishes among themselves and later enjoyed kite flying,dance and music throughout the day in the school play-ground. Mrs.Brinder Badwal(Principal), Mr.K.S.Randhawa(Vice Principal), Mrs.Deepti Kaushal (Incharge Rainbow Wing) wished happiness and prosperity to the students and the staff on basant Panchmi.

    A Science Week

    Traditional methods of teaching Science are passé. Simple Science experiments are a fun way  to introduce tiny–tots to the basic Scientific concepts. With this in mind M.G.N. Rainbow (Adarsh Nagar) organised. ‘ A Science Week’ for the kindergarten classes under the able guidance of Ms. Deepti Kaushal (Incharge Rainbow) where experiments like Ocean in the bottle, water cycle, yeast its Alive. Home-made sanitizer & Sink & Float were conducted. Students actively participated with excitement & showed curiosity. Mrs. Brinder Badwal Principal & Mr. K.S Randhawa  Vice – Principal appreciated this way of teaching science concepts & applauded the efforts of the staff.
    Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words
    MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar organized an English Poetical Recitation competition for UKG classes. Around 50 students participated in the competition where poetry provided an adventure for their mind. They covered various topics on Pollution, future is upto you, A salute to the soldiers, what is life? Never say fail & so on...... the poems were brought to life with the passion and vocal expressions of the presenters. The winners were given away the prizes & certificates by Mrs Brinder Badwal Principal and Miss Deepti Kaushal Incharge MGN Rainbow. They appreciated the efforts of the children.  
    Costume Fiesta for the Nursery
    M.G.N  Rainbow Adarsh Nagar organized Costume Fiesta for the Nursery tiny- tots. Around 80 students participated in it showcasing varied themes like Save Electricity, Save Girl Child, Stop Child Labour, Donate Eyes, Use of sanitizer, Colgate for healthy teeth, Mermaid, Traffic Lights and so on.


    Mrs. Brinder Badwal Principal M.G.N the chief guest of the day applauded the commendable performance of the students on the stage. Miss. Deepti Kaushal Incharge M.G.N Rainbow awarded the winners with prizes & certificates. She also congratulated the students & their parents. The function was a great success.

    Festival of lights-

    Diwali was celebrated with great zeal and religious fervor on M.G.N. Rainbow Adarsh Nagar. The staff familiarized the students with the legends and rituals associated with Diwali. They encouraged the tiny-tots to celebrate Green Diwali. Various Diwali activities were organized in the Kindergarten where nursery tiny-tots enjoyed their colouring activity of Ganesha. Lower Kindergarten prepared colourful, attractive ‘Torans’ and upper Kindergarten children reused old Cds and prepared Diya stands. Mrs. Brinder Badwal(Principal), Mr.K.S.Randhawa(Vice-Principal), Mrs. Sushma Prahar (Incharge Primary) and Ms.Deepti kaushal (Incharge Rainbow) asked all to celebrate this Diwali with earthern Diyas, sweets and flowers. They wished Happy and Safe Diwali to the students and staff.



    Grandparents are our heritage and play an irreplaceable role in our families and Communities. A special day is set aside by MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar every year to honour this new generation of grandparents who share a special relationship with their grandchildren. The function began with a rock band by the grandchildren for their grandparents followed by lively, colourful dances to the tunes ‘Ramaiya Vastavaiya’ and ‘Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua’. Nursery tiny-tots thanked their grandparents for their love and support through a short story ‘Grands and Kids’. They were elated to surprise their loved ones with their special performances. Grandparents participated actively in various games organized specially for them. They enjoyed the audio-Video question- answer round where one could see their child like enthusiasm. The grandparents shared their precious memories with the audience. The chief guest of the day Mrs Brinder Badwal (Principal) expressed that grandchildren are proof that great things come in small packages. She appreciated the unconditional love of the grandparents. The guest of honour Mr. Gurdial Singh Badwal was all praise for the efforts of the tiny-tots.  The guests were accompanied by the Vice – Principal Mr. K.S. Randhawa, Incharge Primary Mrs. Sushma Prehar & Incharge Rainbow Miss Deepti Kaushal : who felt that grandparents are custodians of individual & Cultural memories. They are the providers of care & love to their children & grandchildren. A dance performance by the senior citizens. Was one of the attractions of the celebration. Where the best performances were awarded. The function concluded with a cake cutting ceremony  by the guest.

    If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and do more then you are a leader

    A solemn function marked the Investiture ceremony of M.G.N Rainbow Adarsh Nagar entrusting faith and hope in the newly formed student council for the academic session 2016-17. Delegation of responsibility and giving authority to the students is important to instill life long skills of being powerful and caring at the same time-helping them to become good citizens. The selection panel of student council Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatia and Mrs. Rajneesh Kaur followed a rigorous and democratic process where various parameters were considered before finalizing the list of council. The ceremony commenced with the Shabad ‘Kar Kirpa……..’ to pay obeisance to the alimighty and to seek his blessings. The much awaited Oath taking ceremony was conducted by Miss. Deepti Kaushal Incharge Rainbow who expected the student council to carry out their duties with integrity, faith and excellence. The chief guest of the day Mrs Brinder  Badwal Principal M.G.N Public School conferred the badges and sach to the Head Boy-Tripur Sammi and the Head Girl- Sirjana Shahi. Mr.K.S Randhawa Vice-Principal M.G.N Public School and Mrs. Sushma Prehar Incharge Primary did the honours for badging the captains of the student council.Mannat Sapra,Rajveer Singh,Pranav Joshi, Gurseerat Kaur and Ishita.Mrs Sangeeta Bhatia and Mrs. Rajneesh Kaur conferred the badges to the Vice Captains Nimish Kumar, Kunwar Bharadwaj, Jasmeet Kaur, Darshdeep Singh and Jasleen Gumbr. Mrs.Brinder Badwal emphasized that for a leader authority, responsibility and accountability go hand in hand where parents and teachers have a significant role in building the leaders of tomorrow. It was a memorable day and a proud moment for the student council to stand as leaders before their fellow mates and parents. They pledged their solidarity, loyalty and devotion. The ceremony was followed by a thrilling contemporary dance form signifying the soaring of the student council to new heights. The function concluded with a group photograph and the National Anthem.

    MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar organised ‘Masterchef’ an activity of cooking without fire for LKG & UKG students. Cooking on their own familiarized the tiny- tots with the cooking basics, ingredients, their food value & encouraged the students to eat healthy from an early age. Many lip smacking, magical recipes were prepared like various types of Sandwiches, Channa Chor Garam; Crunchy Peanut Salad, Creamy fruit cocktail, Quick Bronie Dip, Jhaal Moorhid & so on. Ms. Brinder Badwal (Principal) appreciated the unique concept of masterchef to encourage kids to eat healthy & more. Miss Deepti Kaushal (Incharge Rainbow wing ). expressed happiness when children read labels , counted & measured the ingredients . The teachers explained the hygiene & safety rules to be followed while cooking. Cooking is full of unfamiliar words which helped children expand their vocabulary. The tiny tots had real fun & were motivated to make their own snacks at home  
    Visit to Post Office
    A visit to a post office was organised by M.G.N. Rainbow (Adarsh Nagar) for the nursery classes. They were acquainted with the various activities of the Post – Office. Children actively participated in the discussion with the Post-Office staff. Students posted the invitation cards prepared by them to their grand – parents inviting them for the grand parents day to be held in September in School. Mrs Brinder Badwal (Principal) appreciated the motive of the visit. Learning with fun’. Miss Deepti Kaushal (Incharge Rainbow Wing) accompanied the students and shared their curiosity and excitement. 
    Raksha bandhan

    To strengthen the bond of love and care – Rakhi making competition was held in MGN Rainbow Adrash Nagar. LKG and UKG students made beautiful, colourful rakhis. The teachers discussed about the unique relationships of understanding, trust and love shared between a brother and a sister. Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal accompanied by Incharge Rainbow Miss Deepti Kaushal appreciated the efforts of the children and wished them on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Children were given prizes also. 

    70th Independence Day

    In the lush green grounds, Tri-Colour National Flag was hoisted by Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal. She was accompanied by Vice-Principal Mr. K.S. Randhawa, Primary Wing Incharge. Mrs Sushma Prehar, Rainbow Wing Incharge Miss Deepti Kaushal Honouring Nation and Flag, students did March Past along with their teachers on beat of school band.
    Short Cultural Programme was organised with the theme of Patriotism. Number of Dances from all wings were performed. Senior Wing performed on ‘Har Karam Apna Kareynge Eh Watan Tere Liye......; Classical Dance on tunes of Vande Mataram. Primary Wing performed on song- Teeja Tera.....; parody by boys dressed as soldiers really celebrating Independence. In joyous mood; student of Ist std Harmehar Singh presented a beautiful poem on ‘Save Girl child’.
    Rainbow Wing students dressed in Tricolour were really looking beautiful. They showed their love for nation and performed dance on song of movie – ‘Gandhi to Hitler’... Rock Margin and presented poem – ‘Hind Desh ke Niwasi sabhi Jan Ek Hai’ – Tiny Tods of Rainbow Wing  saluted sacrifices of the martyrs through various patriotic songs and dances. Numerous class room activities on ‘Independence Theme were organised like Tri-colours ’ hand- printing; decoration of pots etc. A Choreography Hamara Desh Hamari Shaan  Hamari Jaan by Tiny tods made each one proud to be a part of a glorious Nation.
    Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal congratulated everyday on the celebration of great day of Independence. It is not an effort of any one individual or an overnight achievement rather lot many sacrifices of our leaders and soldiers has prouded us with all comforts and amenities in the modern world. Its responsibility of all of us – especially present youth to save and brighter future of india and overcome all social evils. Lets Hope to have better India free from Corruption, Poverty Violence etc.
    Lets join together to salute our country – India
    ‘Jain Hind’.
    Teeyan a rich colourful, cultural festival of Punjab was organised in  MGN Rainbow Adarsh Nagar  in the form of a fair to welcome the monsoon season. MGN Rainbow was beautifully decorated with colourful flags, swings and stalls of bangles, bindis, parandas & mehndi. Children wore traditional Punjabi dresses & jewellery which added colour and festivity to the occasion. They enjoyed swings, mal purre, gulgule & pakoras.the teachers adorned the little hands with intricate patterns of mehndi and expressed happiness with Punjabi songs, Giddha & Bhangra. Mrs Brinder Badwal (Principal), Mr. KS Randhawa (Vice- Principal), Mrs Sushma Prehar (Incharge Primary wing) & Miss Deepti Kaushal (Incharge Rainbow) joined the children and staff in this festive mood and crowned the students with titles of sohni mutiar & sunakha gabru. Nursery – Kritika Monga, Ekamjot Singh, LKG- Tanishaa Wassan, Ranvir Singh Sidhu, UKG – Harpuneet Singh , Guneet Kaur.

    MGN Rainbow (Adarsh Nagar) conducted Kavya Pratiyogita for the Nursery classes. Around 70 students actively participated in this competition. It exposed the tiny-tots to the world of public speaking and gave the young minds the opportunity to bulid self-confidence. The children spoke on many themes like Dadi maa, Paani Bachao, Shiksha, Chidiya, maa and so on.....

    Mrs Brinder Badwal (Principal)and Miss Deepti Kaushal (Incharge MGN Rainbow) applauded the children for their outstanding performances and awarded the winners with momentos and certificates winners of the day were meharpreet Kaur, Prabhgun Kaur, Khushnoor Kaur,Dollsee and Jasraj Singh.



    We in M.G.N. Rainbow Adarsh Nagar believe that today’s children spend so much time in front of screens that they lack experiences connecting to nature. To fill this gap A Green Conference was organised to encourage the children to be the green ambassador of tomorrow. Nursery students dressed as various green vegetables and leaves took out a rally in the school campus generating awareness regarding deteriorating conditions of the environment and preservation of mother Earth. They stressed on striking a balance between earth and its natural resources. Mrs Brinder Badwal (Principal), Mr. KS Randhawa (Vice Principal), Mrs Sushma Prehar (Incharge Primary) & Miss Deepti Kaushal (Incharge Rainbow Wing) appreciated the efforts of the students and staff for taking the responsibility of the nature & felt that this initiative will leave a life long impression on the little hearts which will help them grow-up as responsible nature lovers of the Earth.


    To ensure the much awaited summer break is a time to relax and rejuvenate, M.G.N.PUBLIC SCHOOL, Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar organized a special ‘SUMMER CAMP’ for the kindergarteners from 6th June 2016 to 11th June 2016.

    The camp saw an overwhelming participation of students who were eager to avail the rich experience that this camp offered in different kinds of craft work cum printings( hand-printing, foot-printing), fabricpainting, origami, yoga, aerobics, dance, etc. MGN Rainbow corridor was abuzz with Traffic Park Activity where the students drove their toy-cars and bicycles, and learned to abide the traffic rules by an officer. Kids were taken for ‘The Angry Bird’ Movie to PVR Cinemas at CURO High Street mall, where they enjoyed the show with pop-corn and cold drinks. The curiosity of how are pop-corns made was fulfilled the very next day. Rain dance was accompanied by a live preparation of pop-corn and cotton-candy. In Muddy Masti the tiny-tots did gardening and ‘Each One Planted One’, in the school campus. Needless to say the students were exposed to very invigorating sessions with hands-on-experiences in all the activities.


    The camp concluded on 11th June 2016 with a special ‘Super Hero Theme Party’. Worthy Principal- Mrs. Brinder Badwal, Vice-Principal- Mr. K.S.Randhawa and Rainbow Wing In-charge- Ms. Deepti Kaushal honored the participants with Camp certificates, ‘I Learned.....’ Scrolls and goodie-bags containing their master-pieces of the camp with special gifts



    Celebrated Baisakhi Festival

    orientation and interactive session for the parents of nursery

    M.G.N. Rainbow Adarsh Nagar organized an orientation programme for the nursery parents. Ms. Sangeeta Bhatia M.G.N. school counselor presented an interactive session for the parents where they were introduced to the M.G.N Rainbow faculty. The power-point presentation basically high lighted a pre-schooler’s emotional and psychological needs to the parents. The way they think, feel or behave. The activity based session brought out that every child is a bundle of talent. Our job as parents and teachers is to help them discover their potential. The parents participated with great enthusiasm. The programme was concluded by vote of thanks by Ms. Deepti Kaushal Incharge Rainbow seeking parents co-operation for a better tomorrow for the children. Principal Mrs. Brinder Badwal also graced the occasion.

    PRE-PRIMARY WING Activities
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