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    PRIMARY WING Gallery

    2017-2018 pr

    2015-2016 (Primary Wing)

    2016-2017 PRIMARY WING

    PRIMARY WING (2018-2019)





    ( Incharge, Primary Wing )


    The second stepping ladder is the Primary Wing comprising of classes I to IV. Every class is divided into five sections and the syllabi is based on CCE. Lots of activities are inculcated in the co-curriculum along with school curriculum. Students are taught through hi-tech and fervent efforts are put forward to cater to the need of every student. Rote method is totally out of the track. Creativity is encouraged, Lot of weightage is given on the account. Overall development of the personality of the child is the main goal of the wing. Role models of the wing put up strenuous efforts to put light into lights..


    To teach regularity and punctuality, Primary wing stresses on 100% attendance. Children with 100% attendance are awarded in the Annual Prize Distribution function.

    ENGLISH LAB – Children are trained for Reading, Writing, listening and speaking skills. It is well equipped with a LCD and a COMPUTER and can accommodate nearly 50 students. Students listen to the lessons through headphones. The listening exercises here are so interesting that children eagerly wait for their lab period. students are trained for yle conducted by the British council for Cambridge Esol certificate. Children are awarded an international certificate which is equivalent to IELTS. Every year our children have won laurels.

    MATHS LAB – The main objective is to increase the quantitative aptitude of children through Abacus, jodo gyan, fraction kit and solid shapes. maths lab helps to dissolve their fear of numbers and make the children quick in their calculations.

    LIBRARY– The primary section has a well equipped library with around 3500 books. There are books on different subjects and topics. It covers the journey from comics to encyclopedias. the children are subjected to different books and encouraged to read them. It also has a TV and a computer where students are shown short stories from time to time.


    COMPUTER LAB – Since computer is the demand of the time, our children are exposed to computers right from class I. there is no examination in this subject for children of classes I and II. they visit the computer room only to familiarize themselves with the basic computer operations like keyboard handling, mouse handling etc. Theoratical knowledge is imparted from class 3 onwards.


    COUNSELLING DEPARTMENT – It caters to the educational adjustments, emotional and psychological needs of the children. Both individual and group counselling is administered. Cases of dyslexia, discalculia, slow learners are handled by a well trained counsellor. workshops for parents, teachers and children are held from time a to time. Topics like effective parenting, inculcating discipline in children, handling of slow children are covered in these workshops.


    MUSIC DEPARTMENT – Primary wing boasts of a big music room which has a large number of traditional and modern instruments. Children are trained in playing Casio, tabla, Guitar, harmonium etc. various music and dance competitions are held from time to time.


    ART AND CRAFT DEPARTMENT– Children learn to make clay models, photo frames, wall hangings, flower arrangements and rangoli. they are trained to use the waste material from their house. A competent. Art teacher trains children to draw and colour. Children learn and enjoy spray painting, wax crayon painting, thumb printing, pencil drawing and landscaping.

    DIVINITY – It is an integral part of the school curriculum. Children are made to recite the japji sahib path every morning. They are encouraged to read and follow the teachings of great sikh gurus. Our children participate in exams held by sikh missionary college every year and do exceeding well and achieve high ranking.


    ACTIVITIES – Primary wing students are exposed to various activities like yoga, gymnastics, music, dance, reading, karate and physical training. school has special coaches, who come and train children for various school, district state and national level competitions. Inter section poetical, story telling, paper reading, calligraphy and quiz competitions are held in the school. The School Children also participate in Various Inter – School Competitions and so far, have done exceedingly well.


    EXTERNAL EXAM AND COMPETITIONS Various external competitions like International assessment of Indian schools, quest, Pro Com are a regular feature. In such competitions children come to know where they stand, in comparison to children of other schools.


    TRIPS AND TOURS – Educational trips are organized periodically as to provide an opportunity to the children to see and learn. Children have visited places like TV centre, milk plant, printing press, sports factory etc.


    OUTSTATION TRIPS Outstation trips are arranged every year. our children have visited places like – Shimla, Dalhousie, Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Mussoorie and many more. these trips aim at making the children more confident, self reliant and independent. 



    2016-2017 (Primary Wing)


    The Sikh Missionary college Ludhiana held its examination in MGN Adarsh Nagar in nov 2016. 40 children participated of which 20 of them obtained prizes on merit. 9 participants scored grade. A while 9 more obtained B grade Harmandeep  Singh & Yuvika Sabharwal of IV A scored 96%. It was the proud moment for the winners who were honoured with trophies.


    The garrison of the Primary Wing held its prize Distribution of Bambinos 2015-2016 amidst much fanfare, glitter, dance and music; on 24th Nov 2016. The Presence of our worthy,dynamic chief guest of honour Mrs Brinder Badwal, Principal MGN Public School, Adarsh Nagar added icing on the cake. She expressed her, happiness on the achievement of the ‘Little Ones’ and encouraged them. The function began with a warm welcome to the chief guest of honour Mrs Brinder Badwal, Vice- Principal Mr KS Randhawa; I/c Rainbow Wing Miss Deepti Kaushal  & parents, followed by a Cultural programme ; beginning with seeking blessing of the almighty.

    The bubbly, radiant cheecky chicks walked down the ramp with utmost beauty., charm and grace, transforming the environment to be aligned with Sufi, Bulleya and finally to the foot tapping, swirling, Ghagras of Rajasthan dancers. The programme mesmerised the audience and held them spell bound. Last but not the least the primary wing owes the success of its programme to the excellent leadership and guidance of Mrs Sushma  Prehar I/c Primary Wing


     A workshop was held in M.G.N Public School Adarsh Nagar on Happy Parenting.The main objective of the workshop was to work on 3 C’S of parenting – they being connect, coach and care. The reasons why children misbehave and turn a deaf ear towards parents call was discussed. Stress on discipline and responsibility must be laid from the beginning. Children are free by nature and want to do things their own way. It is the parents who have to be grounded firmly to motivate & monitor them.



    70th Independence Day

    In the lush green grounds, Tri-Colour National Flag was hoisted by Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal. She was accompanied by Vice-Principal Mr. K.S. Randhawa, Primary Wing Incharge. Mrs Sushma Prehar, Rainbow Wing Incharge Miss Deepti Kaushal Honouring Nation and Flag, students did March Past along with their teachers on beat of school band.
    Short Cultural Programme was organised with the theme of Patriotism. Number of Dances from all wings were performed. Senior Wing performed on ‘Har Karam Apna Kareynge Eh Watan Tere Liye......; Classical Dance on tunes of Vande Mataram. Primary Wing performed on song- Teeja Tera.....; parody by boys dressed as soldiers really celebrating Independence. In joyous mood; student of Ist std Harmehar Singh presented a beautiful poem on ‘Save Girl child’.
    Rainbow Wing students dressed in Tricolour were really looking beautiful. They showed their love for nation and performed dance on song of movie – ‘Gandhi to Hitler’... Rock Margin and presented poem – ‘Hind Desh ke Niwasi sabhi Jan Ek Hai’ – Tiny Tods of Rainbow Wing  saluted sacrifices of the martyrs through various patriotic songs and dances. Numerous class room activities on ‘Independence Theme were organised like Tri-colours ’ hand- printing; decoration of pots etc. A Choreography Hamara Desh Hamari Shaan  Hamari Jaan by Tiny tods made each one proud to be a part of a glorious Nation.
    Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal congratulated everyday on the celebration of great day of Independence. It is not an effort of any one individual or an overnight achievement rather lot many sacrifices of our leaders and soldiers has prouded us with all comforts and amenities in the modern world. Its responsibility of all of us – especially present youth to save and brighter future of india and overcome all social evils. Lets Hope to have better India free from Corruption, Poverty Violence etc.
    Lets join together to salute our country – India
    ‘Jain Hind’.

    Shabad Gayan Competition

    The Shabad Gayan Competition was held in unison with the Almighty in the Primary Wing of MGN Adarsh Nagar on 4 Aug 2016.
    The reciters and the listeners were in full harmony, seeking the blessings of the supreme power. The shabads held the listeners spell bound till the end.
    To encourage and instill confidence in the competitiors, Principal Mrs Brinder Badwal , Mrs Sushma Prehar I/c Primary Wing and I/c Ms. Deepti Kaushal I/c Rainbow Wing were present . They awarded the tropies to the best teams.

    The Judges for the competition were S.Satwinder Singh and Mrs Amarjit Kaur who had an exacting time to choose the best. The best performance was given by Sahibzada Jujhar S. House and Sahibzada Zorawar S. House



                             CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES


    Manraj Singh-V D

    Preet Kiran-V B

    Chiranjeev S.-V E

    Mehak Verma-V D

    Mansidakroop Kaur-V C

    Aryaman-V E

    Srishti Arora-V D




    Class III (Solo)

    1.     Garvit Pal Singh- III C-(First)

    2.     Jai Mahajan-III C-(Second)


    Class IV (Solo)

    1.     Jiwant Verma-IV A-(First)

    2.     Karmanbir Singh-IV C-(Second)


    Duet Category

    1.     Anhadpreet Singh & Vamika          IV B   (First)

    2.     Harniwaz Singh & Harnemat Kaur  III E         (Second)



    1.     Japnoor  Kaur            III E   (First)

    2.     Hargun Kaur              III B (Second)

    3.     Garvit pal Singh         III C  (Third)






    1.     Harmehar Singh-I A-(First)

    2.     Avni-I C-(Second)

    3.     Simarjit Singh-I E-(Third)




    1.     Anandika-II D-(First)

    2.     Satyam Sonik-II D-(Second)

    3.     Brahmtej Singh-II B-(Third)




    BEST  5 (CLASS I)                

    Vanshika-I B

    Ishween Kaur-I E

    Arshnoor Kaur-I B

    Manveen Kaur-I E

    Sejal Sharma-I E

    BEST  5 (CLASS II)

    Krishna Chopra-II A      

    Samaira preet Kaur-II C

    Nupur Mahajan-II E

    Janjot Kaur-II D

    Gunjanpreet Kaur-II C


    One & Half Show

    The Primary Wing of MGN Adarsh Nagar Jalandhar organized ‘One and Half Show’ to make a father aware of his responsibilities other than first earning bread, butter, jam. This show was to strike a cordial cord between a father and a child in overall development. Today’s Programme confirmed an observation – ‘A Dad is every Son’s first hero & every daughter’s first love. The audience was amused to see fathers walking the ramp, dancing, singing  and sharing the dynamic chemistry with the child. This programme was a step towards bringing a change in the society in which the father shoulders the responsibility along with the mother for a perfect upbringing   of the child. The chief guest ‘Mrs Brinder Badwal Principal MGN Public School also stressed upon the change in roles. Mr. K.S. Randhawa Vice Principal and I/c Rainbow Wing Ms. Deepti Kaushal applauded the show. The whole show was made successful by the patronage of I/c Primary Wing Mrs. Sushma Prehar.


    Dynamic chemistry :-Arshnoor Kaur  and  S.Gurpreet Madaan 

    Spark and Sparkle:-Ishika Kapur    and  Mr. Amit Kapur

    Awesome Twosome:-Rohanpal Singh and S.Harinder Singh

    Super Duo:-Sejal Sharma  and  Mr. Sunil Kumar

    Majesty and the Majestic :- Ishween Kaur , Manveen Kaur  & S. Davinder Pal Singh

    Celebrated Baisakhi Festival

    Students also performed lot of Cultural Activities.
    Gatka was performed by students. Colours were added to the celebration through skit and role play; Folk songs and bhangra was performed by senior students.
    ‘Japnoor Pruthi’ Primary Wing students highlighted the importance of Baisakhi. The day is also known as Foundation Day of Khalsa Panth. On 13th April 1699 the new beginning of the Sikh Calendar and harvest festival was well recognised. The smiles on the cheerful faces of the children showed their enthusiasm and excitement.
    Turban Tying Competition was a great experience and encouragement for students.
    Judges for the event were Mr.Amritpal Singh and Mr. Pradeep Singh
    To encourage students more and more participation in various activities are timely arranged.
    Prizes were given to the best turban tyed student from each class.
    An Orientation Programme was organised in M.G.N. Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar for the parents of class I students.
    The parents were made aware of the working schedule and the teaching methodology of the primary wing.
    Various slides were shown on parent child relationships. Parents were guided that since this is the beginning of the session, Children might trouble them but they should be sent to school regularly. Counsellor Manmeet Sawhney told them that fast food is fastest way to bad health so junk food should be avoided.
    Parents were asked to spend quality time with their children and pay attention to their ward’s movements, gestures & words. Vice Principal Mr. K S Randhawa was present for the orientation.

    Ms. Sushma Prehar I/C Primary wing thanked the parents and assured them of teacher’s efforts and cooperation.



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