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    PRIMARY WING Gallery

    2015-2016 (Primary Wing)

    2016-2017 PRIMARY WING




    ( Incharge, Primary Wing )


    The second stepping ladder is the Primary Wing comprising of classes I to IV. Every class is divided into five sections and the syllabi is based on CCE. Lots of activities are inculcated in the co-curriculum along with school curriculum. Students are taught through hi-tech and fervent efforts are put forward to cater to the need of every student. Rote method is totally out of the track. Creativity is encouraged, Lot of weightage is given on the account. Overall development of the personality of the child is the main goal of the wing. Role models of the wing put up strenuous efforts to put light into lights..


    To teach regularity and punctuality, Primary wing stresses on 100% attendance. Children with 100% attendance are awarded in the Annual Prize Distribution function.

    ENGLISH LAB – Children are trained for Reading, Writing, listening and speaking skills. It is well equipped with a LCD and a COMPUTER and can accommodate nearly 50 students. Students listen to the lessons through headphones. The listening exercises here are so interesting that children eagerly wait for their lab period. students are trained for yle conducted by the British council for Cambridge Esol certificate. Children are awarded an international certificate which is equivalent to IELTS. Every year our children have won laurels.

    MATHS LAB – The main objective is to increase the quantitative aptitude of children through Abacus, jodo gyan, fraction kit and solid shapes. maths lab helps to dissolve their fear of numbers and make the children quick in their calculations.

    LIBRARY– The primary section has a well equipped library with around 3500 books. There are books on different subjects and topics. It covers the journey from comics to encyclopedias. the children are subjected to different books and encouraged to read them. It also has a TV and a computer where students are shown short stories from time to time.


    COMPUTER LAB – Since computer is the demand of the time, our children are exposed to computers right from class I. there is no examination in this subject for children of classes I and II. they visit the computer room only to familiarize themselves with the basic computer operations like keyboard handling, mouse handling etc. Theoratical knowledge is imparted from class 3 onwards.


    COUNSELLING DEPARTMENT – It caters to the educational adjustments, emotional and psychological needs of the children. Both individual and group counselling is administered. Cases of dyslexia, discalculia, slow learners are handled by a well trained counsellor. workshops for parents, teachers and children are held from time a to time. Topics like effective parenting, inculcating discipline in children, handling of slow children are covered in these workshops.


    MUSIC DEPARTMENT – Primary wing boasts of a big music room which has a large number of traditional and modern instruments. Children are trained in playing Casio, tabla, Guitar, harmonium etc. various music and dance competitions are held from time to time.


    ART AND CRAFT DEPARTMENT– Children learn to make clay models, photo frames, wall hangings, flower arrangements and rangoli. they are trained to use the waste material from their house. A competent. Art teacher trains children to draw and colour. Children learn and enjoy spray painting, wax crayon painting, thumb printing, pencil drawing and landscaping.

    DIVINITY – It is an integral part of the school curriculum. Children are made to recite the japji sahib path every morning. They are encouraged to read and follow the teachings of great sikh gurus. Our children participate in exams held by sikh missionary college every year and do exceeding well and achieve high ranking.


    ACTIVITIES – Primary wing students are exposed to various activities like yoga, gymnastics, music, dance, reading, karate and physical training. school has special coaches, who come and train children for various school, district state and national level competitions. Inter section poetical, story telling, paper reading, calligraphy and quiz competitions are held in the school. The School Children also participate in Various Inter – School Competitions and so far, have done exceedingly well.


    EXTERNAL EXAM AND COMPETITIONS Various external competitions like International assessment of Indian schools, quest, Pro Com are a regular feature. In such competitions children come to know where they stand, in comparison to children of other schools.


    TRIPS AND TOURS – Educational trips are organized periodically as to provide an opportunity to the children to see and learn. Children have visited places like TV centre, milk plant, printing press, sports factory etc.


    OUTSTATION TRIPS Outstation trips are arranged every year. our children have visited places like – Shimla, Dalhousie, Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Mussoorie and many more. these trips aim at making the children more confident, self reliant and independent. 





    PRIMARY WING Activities
  • 2016-2017 (Primary Wing)
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