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    Education in itself is a kind of religion. They are both liberating and life – giving processes. Only when the heart is pure and is able to control passions one can claim to be an education  person. There is a regular divinity period in the school curriculum to make the students and staff of diverse faith meet at the common morning assembly and sing hymns and recite prayers taken form different religions with special emphasis on Sikh religion. Our students have won  many positions in the examination conducted by  the sikh Missionary college every year. This year too we won accolades in the Gurbani Recitation Competition conducted to commemorate the 300 Saal Guru De Naal



    • To rejoice our faith, the whole school celebrated '300 Saal GurtaGaddi Divas ' with great enthusiasm.

    • Students marched for 'Nagar Kirtan reciting '300 Saal Guru De Naal ' and displayed 'Gatka' alongwith.

    To pay obeisance to the Omnipotent, the school celebrates its 'Foundation Day' with path, Kirtan, followed by Guru Ka Langar – all prepared & served by students and teachers Sahaj Path is Solemnized by the staff and students. Kirta, Langar preparation & distribution is totally a team work. The entire Campus is full of enthusiasm & excitement, each trying to do better than the other. It is only the Montgomerians who contribute in the form of cash, kind and physical aid, to help prepare the Langar for nearly 4000 Sangat.



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